About Episode 1

Episode 1 examines reasons why patient engagement is growing in importance and dives deep into
data on patients’ top priorities in healthcare engagement. We explore technology tools
essential to gaining traction, and how provider organizations can better calibrate their efforts.
We’ll also discuss how leading organizations are drawing from other industries for a fresh
look at patient engagement through the lens of customer service.
  • Why is healthcare focused on patient engagement? What drives patient experience for your organization?
  • How can providers and technology partners align patient engagement efforts to benefit the
    patient? How is your organization aligning strategies around patient priorities, care and
  • What are the indicators of progress in improving patient experience?

We’ll explore innovative programs with evidence of success that can be templated, shared and scaled. 



11:00 AM ET   |   Why Healthcare Has Challenges With Patient Experience and How Do We Change
Join Dan and Sara as they discuss research identifying why we miss on patient experience today and how we can use that same research to get patient experience right tomorrow.

11:40 AM ET   |   A Unique Cancer Patients' Take on Patient Experience
Join Ed and Cris as they share experiences and research that have helped them develop a framework for how patients should engage with health systems, and how care teams should respond.

12:20 - 1:00 PM ET   |   Where Experience Matters
Episode 1 concludes with all of our educators joining us for a panel discussion that dives deep into patient experience success frameworks, what hasn't been considered, and what you can do next.

  • Featuring:
    • Cris Ross, Chief Information Officer, Mayo Clinic
    • Sara Vaezy, Chief Digital Strategy & Business Development Officer, Providence
    • Ed Marx, Author and Chief Digital Officer, Tech Mahindra Health and Life Sciences
    • Dan Czech, Director, Market Analysis, KLAS Research, Inc.
    • Fred Bazzoli, Editor-in-Chief, Health Data Management

Guest Host

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