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Delighting the healthcare consumer

 Healthcare consumerism, patient engagement, and workflows - successful people, process & technology solutions.

The healthcare industry has recognized the patient is a customer, and healthcare systems are embracing the marketing and consumer engagement principles used by other consumer industries as patients become consumers of healthcare, not simply patients.

In this season of the HDM KLASroom, we explore consumer trends among other industries that are leading health systems to adopt and apply change in care delivery – the people, processes, and technologies necessary to succeed in the current health & wellness paradigm shift.

Join HDM, KLAS Research, and leading healthcare institutions as we help answer questions, share lessons learned, and provide best practice strategies developed by innovative organizations and their technology solution partners – experiences you can apply and technologies you can enable to enhance outcomes for your patients, your care teams, and your organization. 


Event date: Tuesday & Thursday - 9/20-29

This program is made possible through generous support from: