About HDM

Health Data Management guides the healthcare community with insight

Health Data Management guides the healthcare community with insight that anticipates how advanced computing – analytics, artificial intelligence, digital health, virtual care platforms, interoperable systems and more – can support care improvement and clinical efficiency. Forming relationships and working with trustworthy, credible partners provides this anticipatory knowledge to the industry and enables readers to make balanced, wise decisions critical to ensuring clinical and financial performance at the top of their personal, team and organizational capabilities.

HDM curates and disseminates actionable knowledge to clinicians, administrators and educators across the healthcare ecosystem, seeking to serve as a trusted source of reliable content informing and preparing healthcare organizations to meet current and near-future challenges in improving patient care and health. This is especially important as industry players take on new responsibilities in a changing and reforming healthcare environment, particularly as the industry transitions to new care delivery and reimbursement initiatives that put a premium on provider efficiency, quality of care, patient engagement and empowerment, and cost-effectiveness.

Building on its nearly 30-year heritage as a trusted source of unbiased, well-researched information on the healthcare technology industry, HDM takes on a re-imagined role in the healthcare industry. Inspired through partnership with Health Sciences South Carolina, we are mutually committed to containing and reducing healthcare costs, minimizing healthcare disparities, improving healthcare quality, patient safety and effectiveness; increasing access to healthcare services; and improving the patient care experience.

Our Promise:
  • To collaborate with industry leaders to improve access to trusted information.
  • To showcase successful technology applications.
  • To curate data and resources and be a single point of reference.
  • To provide a platform that enables technologies and services to be shared, reviewed and discussed.
  • To host forums for healthcare executives to interact, share best practices and openly discuss new technologies, services and strategies.
  • To enable community members to contribute and consume analysis and case studies in multimedia — to watch, listen and read.
  • To be a springboard to equip clinical and administrative leadership to implement, adopt, and optimize new ideas, processes and strategies with their teams to achieve healthcare’s Quadruple Aim.
  • To deliver truth in healthcare technology knowledge. To educate health system leadership and clinicians leading population healthcare.

For further information about Health Data Management, please visit HealthDataManagement.com.