Achieving the Quadruple Aim objectives through improved Transitions of Care

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Program outline

Week 1: Why are Transitions of Care important, yet have been so neglected, how do we change that?
As healthcare seeks a better way to deliver care, improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care, there is a space that has been historically neglected, the space where a patient gets transitioned from one care setting to another. These transitions of care will only grow in importance as we push toward value-based care environments. In this episode travel with KLAS research and Health Data Management as they dive into the why behind the neglect of transitions of care, and why growing interest in closing wide gaps needs to be on the agenda of clinical, administrative, and financial leaders. Learn where and how organizations can improve transitions of care to start impacting care outcomes.

Week 2: Transitions of Care at scale – examining the early wins to achieve scale
Efforts abound across the industry to improve transitions of care, but so many of them are realized within silos, are not shared, or might not be replicable due to a myriad of reasons. Join Health Data Management and KLAS Research as they learn from those in the industry who are improving transitions of care as they share their approaches, successes and failures and identify where opportunities abound and what is scalable.

Week 3: What is the optimal state for Transitions of Care success? Is it possible today?
How do systems, processes, and technologies need to evolve over the next decade to help us realize a better care experience across the continuum of care? Are there signs that point to the future being at our front steps? Join KLAS Research and Health Data Management and they dive into the future of possible and discover what technologies and innovations exist today that might improve the experience we have as patients across transitions of care.