Sessions explore how consumer experience in healthcare (patient care & convenience) differs from other consumer industries - ride sharing,  online shopping, booking hotels, travel and restaurant reservations. How does healthcare need to adapt to meet consumers’ demands for convenience & cost transparency while maintaining privacy & security? 

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Episode 1: Consumerism in Healthcare

Tuesday | September 20th

HDM KR Px2 E1S1.Klas+Baptist Jax

The FOUR consumer centric principles changing healthcare today. 

Baptist Health is a leader in embracing consumerism. Hear how they are innovating, and learn what principles guide pioneering institutions like Baptist Health to deliver on growing consumer expectations.

HDM KR Px2 - E1S2.Feedtrail+HealthNet

Where are you on the road to patient experience (PX) maturity; how do you level up with the change leaders?

Learn how the largest FQHC in Indiana went from just hundred's of listening data points to literally thousands upon thousands of data points helping to improve the delivery of care.

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Episode 2: The Financial Paradigm

Thursday | September 22nd

HDM KR Px2 - E2S1.KLAS+LifeBridge

Moving the patient to the center of the financial paradigm

Join Health Data Management, KLAS Research and LifeBridge Health as we discuss the processes of that shift, and in particular how LifeBridge is meeting patients where they are at to empower them through their care journey, not just with care, but with the their financial journey as well.

HDM KR Px2 - Liberty Hospital+ClearBalance

Patients can feel empowered in the financial side of health, but they need the Health System's help. 

ClearBalance and the Liberty Hospital discuss the consumer experience at the crossroads of health, care, and finances. Join us to hear what Liberty Hospital is doing to combat financially tough times for patients. Learn principles you can apply to help empower your patients to stay ahead of healthcare financial storms.

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Episode 3: Patient Provider Communication (part 1)

Tuesday | September 27th


The Patient Experience and the Art of Communication - part 1

In this session learn the success principles guiding Indiana University Health as they stand as a leader in patient experience. Also come learn new research from KLAS highlighting the current state of the patient communication landscape.

HDM KR Px2 E3S2-Providence+HealthCatalyst

Patient engagement execution determines your patient experience ROI

Join Health Data Management, and Providence as we share ways to increase patient engagement ROI by building a business case defining specific clinical, financial and operational improvements to be achieved. With patient communication at its core, we share an ROI model used to calculate revenue and cost savings in length of stay, readmissions, ED visits, cancellations, no-shows, and patient satisfaction.

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Episode 4: Patient Provider Communication (part 2)

Thursday | September 29th

HDM KR Px2 E3S1-KLAS+IUHealth-pt2

The Patient Experience and the Art of Communication - part 2

In this session learn the success principles guiding Indiana University Health as they stand as a leader in patient experience. Also come learn new research from KLAS highlighting the current state of the patient communication landscape.

HDM KR Px2 - roundtable B-1

Technology is shaping the future of patient communication; how to pivot and deliver on growing expectations? 

By understanding the implications of using technology to address changing consumer behavior we can prepare for a future with continued innovation and a more central role for healthcare technology in our lives.

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Speaker slides

Klas Slides Adam Cherrington - Episode 1, session 1


Baptist Health - Episode 1, session 1


Feedtrail - Episode 1 session 2


Klas Mac B - Episode 2, session 1


Lifebridge - Episode 2. session 1


Klas (Patient Communications part 1) - Episode 3, session 1


Indiana Univ - Episode 3, session 1


Tom Burton - Episode 3, session 2


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